October 08, 2013

Beware of ISK Doublers and other ISK Donors

Hello again!

Today we are going to discuss a truly tricky and vicious scam. The basic concept is having a person playing the good Samaritan. This person is giving away ISK almost for free - you have to follow just some simple rules. One of those rules is giving a little ISK and in return getting a big pile of money.

This is an example advert of the scammer:

The text seems promising. Let us read the bio:

There is obviously a catch (remember EVE rule #1), but where is it exactly? It says "I can not make every capsuleer wealthy..". So is there a random system behind it? We can just speculate how it works behind the scenes. But let us investigate a bit further. There is a "Proof of Honesty" which leads to eve-api.com - displaying his wallet via the in-game API. Seems legit? Not a bit. With just 0,10 ISK I found out there is a manipulation going on - saving me millions or even bazillions of ISK.

Look at this picture (click on the image to view it full-size):

It seems that everyone got the promised ISK back. Look, it also shows the transaction description you can enter when sending money. Let's give it a try (sorry for breaking the template!):

Check the date: My transaction was done at 2013-07-12 07:37:36.
Now check the image above my transaction. It says "Data Cached Until: 2013-07-12 07:46:59". So the site will refresh and fetch new entries at this time. My donation should show up by then.

Well, show for yourself (again: click on image to view it full-size):

Interesting, right? I don't know if this manipulation is done in the EVE client or if eve-api.com has some alarming security issues. Or maybe it is "working as intended"? Let me introduce someone who played the game with Justicar Dualdon:


EVE is a cold and harsh place. I hope I could warm you up a bit...

Fly safe o7

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