August 18, 2013

Some more contract scams

Hello capsuleers! It's time for another blog post. This time I have compiled some contract scams in one blog entry since some of them are not worth a separate post. Here we go:

This one is fairly easy.
Our scammer Kurtizzle (omigad, namecalling!) researched a super cool blueprint with 300 runs! It is a module which was just recently added to the game. 12 million ISK for a 300-run blueprint copy. Now take a look at the contract:

Found it? If not: stop reading after this sentence and look again at the contract. But this is fairly easy - it has only three runs instead of 300. I guess the two zero's got lost somewhere when researching the blueprint.

The next one is a bit trickier: 

This kind gentlewoman wants to sell cheap faction mods because she needs a PLEX - probably for her subscription. She is desperate, so maybe you can get a little profit out of it?

Let' check the value of those faction modules (try
1x Angel dynamic Calibrator is worth 250 million ISK.
2x Angel Electrum Tag each 5.000 ISK.

Not worth, right? Better check twice before you buy something in the heat of the moment, also check *everything* twice, not just the first item. Additionally check the category - if the items are in the "Commodity"-category then you should be very cautious.

The next contract falls under the category "Hangar Cleaning". The idea behind this type of contract scam is selling completely different modules to create the illusion of a yard sale. Unfortunately the issuer of the contract accidentally added officer modules to the contract. You can see it marked below. It is easy to spot by the word "Raysere" in front of the name. All officer modules are named in this way (just with different names).

So you got lucky this time! Well ... No. Not really. Check the price at EVE Central. Each of the Reactor Control Units is worth 500 million ISK. So you pay 2 billion ISK just to get items worth 1.5 billion ISK. Not a very good deal, right? Something that looks like a noobish mistake can turn out to be a trap.

The last contract is an easy one:

This contract wants three PLEX from you (the red "You Will Pay" text) and in return gives you 2 billion ISK (as stated in the local chat - this time a picture of the chat text is not included). If you calculate the value, then it is roughly 600 million ISK per PLEX. This is (at the time of the contract) about 100 million ISK above the average price - netting 300 million ISK in easy profit. As always: check the numbers. You will only get 2 MILLION (not BILLION) ISK resulting in a loss of 1.5 billion ISK.

As you can see from the examples above the contract scams are very easy to identify. Most of them are patently obvious so you can only /facepalm when you see them. Sadly many capsuleers fall for those easy tricks.

Inform your corp mates or your alliance about the dirty tricks of scammers. Post a link of this site on Twitter and/or Facebook. Let us spread the word together!

For a brighter future of New Eden!
Fly safe o7

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  1. Heya. Just googled my EVE character, Kurtizzle GarraChina.

    So yeah that was my first ever BPC found in a hacking site, Tried to sell it and must have thought the 0ME and 0PL meant basically 330. didn't have a clue someone corrected my and I think I later solf it for a much lower price.

    Nice to be famous though.