July 14, 2013


Hello newbies and bittervets - welcome scammers and honest capsuleers of New Eden!

I'm creating this blog to educate dumb unaware capsuleers about the dirty tricks scammers are using to get your hard botted earned ISKies. You might ask yourself "Why is he doing this?" - already embraced by a shroud of disbelief. But I'm not mad at you. We (hopefully) both know rule #1 in EVE Online: "If it's too good to be true, it's a scam".
My intentions are pure. The current form of scamming is way too easy - everyone can do it. Sadly too many naive capsuleers fall for it (although many of them bloody deserve it). This must change. I long for a trickier scam-manship! What you see in local chats at tradehubs is not worth being mentioned in the same breath as EVE Online. The average capsuleer is keener and more brilliant than this scum. We need to cure this cancer!

So read carefully, take notes and spread the word! If you happen to know most of those things I'm posting - good for you. Brush up your knowledge and don't get scammed.

Fly safe!

PS: EVE is dying.

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